In A Relationship: Commitment Issues

05/22/2011 00:42

There is a requirement to know whether a person intends to commit fully in a lasting
relationship or not. This is important for anyone involved in the relationship. One of the worst things
in the world is to be in love and devoted to a person that will never commit to you nor willing
to commit. This can lead to negative feelings and emotions for you.

There are times when people get into a relationship with false hopes and dreams. They believe that their
 partner is truthful when they say they want to be in a committed relationship. Somewhere
throughout the relationship that partner completely changes their mind and does a 180, deciding that perhaps
a long-term, totally
committed relationship is not what they want. This can lead to a great deal of frustration, anger, and unhappiness.
The person that is committed will begin to think that they are just wasting their time in the relationship.
People that cannot commit may have a variety of reasons for this commitment problem..

One reason that people cannot commit is due to emotional issues which could be due to something
in their past. Something that has caused them quite a bit of emotional damage. They can't get past this
 bad experience and they may have fear about dealing with this issue. They can't trust
anyone, especially within a relationship as long as these feelings continue. The past must be dealt with before
this person can have a meaningful relationship ever with another person. If this is not done, there can be
continuation of hurt that will manifest into any
relationship they enter into.

Other people that cannot commit are involved in a relationship as a way to have someone around
while they are searching for something better or more suited for them. They can be found blatantly looking at
members of the opposite sex even when they are with their partner. They do not care if the partner is catches
them doing it.

This type of behavior is totally disrespectful and should not be tolerated by you or anyone. This type of
people does not feel that they are with the person that they belong with. They feel like they are settling for
a lesser relationship. Get out of this type of relationship quickly. This behavior will never stop. the person
is just not into you and never will. Remember you are just as good as anyone else. Never let a partner disrespect you.

These people are truly afraid of commitment. You may find that you are unhappy and
disappointed by your mate because they are always going to be non commital. As a commitment seeking individuals
you have to make a decision as to whether you want
to continue to stay with this person or end the relationship and cut your losses.

Sometimes, the easiest way to know where a relationship will go is to be honest from the very start.
Before you get serious in a relationship, spend some time with the prospective partner.
Talk between yourselves and be open. Find out how you both feel about a possible long-term
relationship and about commitment. This can prevent problems later on with confusion
over what the relationship really involves.

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